Septic Tank Pumping: Health and Safety (Contd.)

//Septic Tank Pumping: Health and Safety (Contd.)

Septic Tank Pumping: Health and Safety (Contd.)

Do you know how to maintain and take care of a septic system?  There are quite a few steps

Call a Professional Septic Tank Service | 907-376-8988

Call a Professional Septic Tank Service | 907-376-8988

Septic Tank Pumping is Just the Beginning

Septic tank pumping is only one part of what you have to do.  Here’s a quick guide in how to maintain and take care of septic systems:

Keeping in mind few simple rules can help to keep the septic system trouble free for many years. First off, be careful of what goes down the drain.  Too much water can stop the bacteria in your tank from decomposing the material into sludge.  Too much water in the system can cause the tank to overflow.

You also want to use lower amounts of household chemicals. Surprisingly, you want bacteria in your septic tank as they help to break down the sewage.  Too many chemicals, and it kills the bacteria, and your septic system can start to back up.  You also do not want to put these items down the drain as they either decompose slowly, or not at all.  As a result they can fill the septic tank and can plug up the system.:

  • Cooking oil or fats such as butter
  • Coffee grounds
  • Facial tissues
  • Disposable diapers
    Dumping of grease can also plug the pipes of the system and can plug the inlet. Grease should be thrown out with the garbage.

Why You Should Choose a Professional Septic Tank Service

Hiring a septic tank service  can encourage you to be “septic smart.”  It will teach you how your septic system works.  It is extremely important to properly service your commercial or residential septic system. Proper care can help to keep your septic system running smoothly. At least once a year, call a septic tank service in to inspect the system.  In addition, you should  schedule servicing of the system after every two or three years. If you call  professionals like us, they will do it thoroughly. We will do septic cleaning, maintenance, installations, inspections, septic tank pumping, sewer line cleaning, repair and replacement, dry wells, drainfield replacement and repair, hydro jetting, backflow prevention, septic treatments and grease traps.

If you call a professional septic service company, it will save your money. Any company can provide service but it will never be up to the level of professional services. They may damage the system completely or may leave it to be damaged slowly. If the system gets damage or fails,  it will require a proper repair which is very very expensive. Professionals like us  will provide a service that will keep the septic system running for long and you will never require a repair.

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