Why Hire a Septic Tank Service? (Contd.)

//Why Hire a Septic Tank Service? (Contd.)

Why Hire a Septic Tank Service? (Contd.)

Septic tank pumping is necessary if you have a septic system.  They can be more complicated than you might think.

Septic Service | 907-376-8988

Septic Service | 907-376-8988

Septic Tank Pumping and the Layers of a Tank

Septic tanks have three layers consisting of :

a. scum, a layer of fat floating on liquid waste;
b. clear liquid (effluent);
c. and solids, called sludge.

Dense, solid particles settle at the tank’s base, forming sludge. These need occasional pumping, or they will accumulate and flow into the disposal field.

Lighter materials, like fat and grease, make up the scum layer. Bacteria breaks down organic particles, reducing the scum layer. This prevents foul smells from emanating and air from entering the tank. Treated effluent flows out of the tank, while new water enters it.

This is all part and parcel to how septic systems work.

At this stage, the effluent still has many pollutants and disease-causing pathogens such as bacteria and worms. It flows into a disposal field, where soil kills more pathogens. This is a slow process, as soil bacteria need oxygen to work. Nearby plants absorb the effluent. Alternatively, it may flow into the groundwater.

The Benefits of Hiring a Septic Tank Service

Employing a septic tank service has draws, whether physical, environmental or financial. It has clear advantages over conventional sewage systems.

a. Physical advantages

Septic tank systems have practical, physical benefits which you will discover when you hire a septic tank service to install one.

A reliable service provides regular policing of the septic tanks it helps to set up. They will contact households regularly to find out if the tanks need repair, emptying or maintenance. They should include pumping, emergency repairs and customer education in their service packages.

When properly maintained, these systems last for a long time. A durable septic tank usually lasts between 20 to 40 years, or longer with proper care. Septic tank services will help you empty your tank regularly to avoid clogging and damage.

b. Financial advantages

Setting up a  septic tank system is markedly lower than connecting to a sewage system. It costs roughly 20% less to connect your household to a septic tank than to a sewer. The cost of installing the system depends on size, system type and where you want it installed. Properly maintaining it will keep it functioning properly and your costs down.  So schedule a service appointment with your local septic tank service.

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