Maintaining Your Septic Tank

//Maintaining Your Septic Tank

Maintaining Your Septic Tank

Maintaining your septic tank helps prevent problems later on. How important is it?
Well according to this article from The National Environmental Services Center of West Virginia University:

Get Septic Tank Pumping Done by a Professional Service | 907-376-8988

Get Septic Tank Pumping Done by a Professional Service | 907-376-8988

Maintain Your Septic Tank and Save The Environment

“Preventing groundwater pollution from failing septic systems should be a priority for every community and every homeowner. Contamination of the groundwater source can lead to the pollution of local wells, streams, lakes, and ponds—exposing family, friends, and neighbors to waterborne diseases and other serious health risks.

When a septic system fails, inadequately treated domestic waste can reach the groundwater.
Bacteria and viruses from human waste can cause dysentery, hepatitis, and typhoid fever. Many
serious outbreaks of these diseases have been caused by contaminated drinking water. Nitrates and phosphates, also found in domestic wastewater,  can cause excessive algae growth in lakes and streams called algal blooms. These blooms cause aesthetic problems and impair other aquatic life. Nitrate is also the cause of methemoglobinemia, or blue baby syndrome, a condition that prevents the normal uptake
of oxygen in the blood of young babies.In addition, a failing septic system can lead to unpleasant symptoms, such as pungent odors and soggy lawns.

There are three main reasons why septic system maintenance is so important. The first reason is
money. Failing septic systems are expensive to repair or replace, and improper maintenance by
homeowners is a common cause of early system failure. The minimal amount of preventative
maintenance that septic systems require costs very little in comparison
to the cost of a new system. For example, it typically costs from $3,000 to $10,000 to
replace a failing septic system, compared to $100 to $300 average per year costs to have a septic
system routinely pumped and inspected. The second and most important reason to properly maintain your
system is the health of your family, your community, and the environment. When septic systems
fail, inadequately treated household wastewater is released into the environment. Any contact
with untreated human waste can pose a significant risk to public health. Untreated wastewater
from failing septic systems can contaminate nearby wells, groundwater, and drinking water sources. Chemicals improperly disposed of through a septic system also can pollute local water sources
and can contribute to early system failures. For this reason it is important for homeowners
to educate themselves about what can and what cannot be disposed of through a septic
system. A third reason to maintain your septic system is to maintain the
economic health of your community. Failing septic systems can cause property values to
decline. Sometimes building permits cannot be issued for these properties. Also, failing
septic systems may contribute to the pollution of local rivers, lakes, and shoreline that your
community uses for commercial or recreational activities.”


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