What You Should Know About Septic Tank Pumping in Wasilla, AK (Contd.)

//What You Should Know About Septic Tank Pumping in Wasilla, AK (Contd.)

What You Should Know About Septic Tank Pumping in Wasilla, AK (Contd.)

Before you go with a septic tank pumping service, make sure you get a lot of your questions answered before you arrange for their services.

Call a Professional Septic Tank Service | 907-376-8988

Call a Professional Septic Tank Service | 907-376-8988

What You Should Know About Septic System Pumping

As we covered previously, there are a few questions regarding septic system maintenance.  The answers to these questions are  important information that will help the pumper determine whether his truck can handle the job.Is there going to be an extra charge for pumping the pump tank? In many cases, pumping the pump tank will be included in the service. However, in cases where the pump tank is very full, there may be an extra charge.MAKE SURE THE SEPTIC TANK PUMPER IS LICENSED AND BONDED! Like most contractors, your state may require that the pumper is licensed and he should also be bonded in case he makes a mistake that causes you problems. Make sure you get all the available information about the license and bond as a way to make sure you’re dealing with someone who is qualified to do the job.

How to Find Your Septic Tank

Locating your septic tank is important. Many people don’t think about where their septic tank actually is until they notice a problem and locating it can be rather tricky. However, locating and uncovering your septic tank can save you on fees when you need to have it pumped. Some county health officials will recommend that you have “risers” installed to make the job of locating and uncovering the tank easier for the pumper with less cost and aggravation for the homeowner because the yard won’t get torn up quite as badly. Septic tank pumpers can usually handle the installation of the risers.  That’s one reason alone of why you need a septic tank pumping service.

If your home was built after 1975, your septic system is probably a more modern version has a two-compartment septic tank and both lids will have to be uncovered for inspection and pumping. If one compartment of the two isn’t pumped, it will eventually fill with solids and wreak havoc on your plumbing system. So make sure you uncover both if you have a house that is fairly new.

It should be possible to locate an as-built, essentially a map that will help you locate your septic system. If an as-built isn’t available, it’s possible to find your septic tank by determining where your plumbing leaves your house and sending a probe bar through the crawlspace if there is one or if you know you don’t have a fiberglass or polyethylene septic tank. (Either type of septic tank might be damaged by a probe bar.)

Remember, you want to be proactive about some things in life.  One of those things is septic tank pumping.

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