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Royal Flush Septic is not only your leading installation, pumping and maintenance company. But also our sister company Precise Precast manufacture our own high quality concrete septic tanks right here in Wasilla, Alaska.

Our concrete septic tanks are made to the highest standards and are are built to last in Alaska’s climate and soil conditions. The benefits of a concrete tank over steel are many and if you want a tank that will last for decades choose a concrete septic tank built right here for Alaska. We are also full service septic tank installers and we can help you all the way from designing your septic system through to excavation and installation.

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Advantages of Concrete Septic Tank

1. Meeting Local Regulations – The construction and durability of concrete septic tanks meet all requirements to be used anywhere in the United States. Other tanks, such as poly and steel, may not meet the requirements of some areas. For example, a poly tank cannot be used close to ground water because of the risk of contamination or flotation. Planning on a concrete septic tank from Royal Flush can also make your permitting process go much faster!

2. Naturally Watertight – Concrete is a material that is naturally watertight. Poly and fiberglass tanks have to go through extra processes to be watertight, and are more susceptible to leaking over time, which can increase your risk of ground and well contamination. Concrete septic tanks will protect your investment longer without failure!

3. Higher Capacity – All of the wastewater and the sludge that builds up in your tank is known as “effluent,” and is meant to break down over time. If your tank fills up with this effluent too quickly, your tank will have to be pumped. Concrete septic tanks are larger than other types of, which increases your breakdown time, and requires less pumping to keep your tank healthy.

Further Advantages

4. Length of Tank Life – Because of the lack of durability, other tanks like poly, fiberglass and steel will not have a long life before having to be replaced sooner than later. Concrete septic tanks can last up to 60 years if properly installed and maintained!

5. Installation Durability – Because of the machinery used for transportation and installation of septic systems, other tanks can become damaged. This could be lead to costly replacement of the damaged tank, or short term failure of the tank due to unnoticed damage. Concrete septic tanks are very strong, and only sustain damage under extreme circumstances.

6. No Collapsing – As we saw above, poly and fiberglass tanks will likely need pumping more often. The problem with this is not only more expense, but also the chance of the tank collapsing during pumping. If this happens, it could result in the tank having to be replaced much sooner than necessary. Concrete septic tanks are structurally strong, and will not collapse during pumping.

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