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When we hear the words septic tank, we often think of toilet paper and restroom waste. We forget that everything that goes down our sinks, dishwasher, and every other drain in our home goes into the septic tank. Some of those things can build up and cause unforseen problems that require septic system maintenance. Royal Flush Septic is here to help keep your septic system healthy, and to do any needed repairs if needed.


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Septic System Maintenance To Keep Your System Healthy

Alaska is hard on many things. Your septic system is no exception. The cold of winter can make it hard to keep healthy bacteria to break the waste down. The frost in the ground can damage pipes with the heaving and settling that happens. It doesn’t help us that the whole system is under the ground, and often septic system maintenance is not at the forefront of things that we need to take care of.

Over time, everything that goes into your septic system can build up. Once it reaches a certain point, excess materials that haven’t been broken down properly, or haven’t been pumped out, can cause plugs in your septic lines, and can plug up your leech field. Many of these repairs can be very costly. Regular maintenance by Royal Flush Septic is the key to a worry free and long lasting septic system.

Our courteous staff at Royal Flush Septic can schedule maintenance for your septic system on call, or if you like, can schedule regular maintenance so you don’t have to worry about it. When our septic professionals come out to pump your system, they also pay attention to the health of your system to try to try to catch any issues before they become big problems.


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