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Drain Cleaning Service

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A clogged drain is an inconvenience, and usually happens at unexpected times. Clogging can occur over time from normal use, or in an instant by something unexpected finding its way into your drain. If not taken care of in a timely and professional manner, clogging could cause more damage to your home or business. Calling Royal Flush Septic for our friendly and professional drain cleaning service will take the worry out of your clogging problem.

Steam Thawing

Alaska’s cold is tough! It makes work difficult, and can also cause freezing in your septic or sewer pipes. You can’t simply put a hair dryer on your septic system to get it flowing again, or to soften the ground to get work done. Royal Septic’s steam thawing service is the best solution for conquering the cold that is keeping you from getting things done! Call the drain cleaning service you can trust, Royal Flush!

Water Jet Drain Cleaner

There are many things that can affect the drainage of your sewer and septic system. One thing we see cause problems fairly often, is grease! When grease from cooking is poured down your drain, it cools, and then sticks to the sides of your pipes. This cold and sticky grease can be difficult to remove. Royal Septic’s water jet drain cleaner melts away that grease, and gets your lines a fresh start.

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Sewer Line/Cleanout Snake

There is a lot that goes into your septic and sewer system. No matter how careful you are, sometimes you end up with something that gets caught in the pipe, and can back your system up. It could be anything from toilet paper to GI Joe. Royal Septic’s line cleanout and snake service can get in there and get things flowing again.

Sewer Inspection Camera

When your septic or sewer has an issue, it sometimes feels like a guessing game to figure out what is going on. It can be stressful not knowing, and your mind begins to add up what it could cost to replace your whole system. Royal Septic’s sewer inspection camera service can actually see what the problem is, and pinpoint only what repairs or services are actually needed. Our professional drain cleaning service has the equipment to diagnose your drain and sewer issues and fix them right the first time.

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