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Not all problems with your septic system require expensive and invasive repairs. There are many causes that can cause your system to backup or flow slowly. When our drain and septic snaking service is not fully effective, it may be necessary to ask Royal Flush Septic about their water jet drain cleaning.


Royal Flush Septic Water Jet Pipe Cleaning

Water Jet Drain Line Cleaning

One of the biggest enemies of your drains over time is grease. This is especially the case for restaurants. When grease goes down your drains, even with hot water, it begins to cool as it’s running. Once cool enough, this grease will begin to stick to your drain pipes. As time goes on, and more grease goes down your drains, the build up continues to build up until a blockage occurs. Because this grease is so sticky, snaking the drains is not very effective, and could eventually lead to failure of your septic or sewer system.

Royal Flush Septic’s hot water jet drain cleaning service is the perfect solution for this problem. We have a special hose and tip that runs hot water under high pressure right to the source of your problem. This hose is moved through your drains to melt the greasy build up, clean it off the walls of your drains and move it toward your septic or sewer system where it can be pumped or flushed away from your system.


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